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Virtual Riders is changing and moving!  The economy hasn't helped any of us but we have been fortunate enough to find cheaper and more extensive premises within the Giroscope Social Enterprise Park at 23 Arthur Street.  

As well as a large office we now have a separate training suite with ground floor access.  These premises will enable Virtual Riders to carry on offering services to the not for profit sector at discounted prices.

However, that's not all! After running for 8 months our board have had the opportunity to review the economic model we adopted after lottery funding.  They have concluded that it is not economic!  Primarily this is a volume issue - it's not that the service isn't needed - it's simply that it only becomes economically viable as an independent unit when 3 staff are delivering services full time.  So, Virtual Riders will be picked up by Chris Smith as the not for profit arm of his successful consultancy, Thornwood Services, which has been running for the past 8 years.  By absorbing all the administrative overheads Chris will be able to continue offering services to voluntary organisations.

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