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Microsoft OneNote        


Do you use a note book?  Do you find it irreplaceable? Well Microsoft has developed the ultimate note book that you can take with you, share elements with your friends and also work collectively in business or on a project. The simple but best thing is that you will never forget to take this note book with you. Its name is OneNote.

OneNote works will all Microsoft capable suites but it comes now with a flood of features that have been introduced since the software is now becoming a strong contender towards a conventional note taking option. Some hardware advances have also brought on this application into a world of its own, for instance put OneNote onto a Tablet PC and we have an even stronger competitor to the open and paper note pad, with multi touch features and also a stunning hand writing recognition feature the OneNote system is made very powerful.

Here is an insight to some of its strongest features.

Collaboration, it’s all happening here.

Do you work with others or are you advising people on a daily basis, well OneNote is a fantastic tool for brining minds and content together in a free form and even a fun way. As we already said there is always a chance of forgetting a piece of paper but with OneNote’s online synchronisation this is near impossible. All you require is a free Hotmail account and set up a sky drive account and hey presto you have a sharable online repository and your OneNote files can go with you. There is also an option to set up OneNote locally on a network shared drive for those who work within an organisation and have the local networking facilities to support this fantastic tool. Basically a shared drive that multiple users can access.

You can share part of a note book or even the whole thing, OneNote allows you to create a notebook for each part of your working and personal life, you may work with many different projects that may require a full notebook independent of your own, the system is simple and easy to configure.

A Quick Scenario...

Imagine sitting in an meeting while your expectant team are awaiting the results of that meeting, with OneNote if your connected to a Wi-Fi or even a 3g network with internet access the team can see the notes unfold as the meeting happens and also send you feed back or even exchange desired information that is relevant at the time of the meeting. Your piece of paper is left feeling like a 2D restrictive environment with little or no room for improvement other than a paper plane.

Additional Features...

You can draw and sketch ideas’ and then use these drawings as a picture or reference and even show others via email, shared content or projector / large screen TV. There is a huge amount of features that can be used without the pen it is only mentions for comparative function between OneNote and a simple Note Pad.


How annoying is it when you know the information is sitting there on the notepad next to your phone on the desk but you’re already out and about. Well one note can synchronise and also be viewed directly on the internet. Hotmail provided Sky drive and One note Synchronises with this drive as part of the Cloud initiative. With a plucky and smart online version of OneNote now you can simply access your notes anywhere.  Changes are synced when you get back to home / office, your notebook and alterations are up-to-date. Saving you time and embarrassing moments when you used paper.

An Obvious Point...

There is a greener world issue here about paper and saving tree’s, I am sure that you have worked this one out already though.

Sometimes we just need a pen…. With Microsoft’s one note and a tablet pc we achieve the ultimate marriage of technology.

OneNote is simply the best invention since parchment.