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Introducing the Cloud


The cloud is an innovative solution that has been developed with the changing world in mind. Cloud concepts are simple; the storage of data and use of online applications to make your data files accessible by you anywhere where there is an internet connection.

This sounds impressive and almost inspiring vision for the way we can work in the future but in reality is it as fluid as we are lead to believe? We investigated the cloud and its systems and here what we found out. Also we looked at the fears involved with the vision and not the actual system.Most cloud solutions store data in large server locations called surprisingly enough, a Data Centre.

Most of these centres are global and are located in secret sites dotted around the globe. Cloud techniques and innovations are simply creating systems that the end user can understand and access easily. Since the concepts of the internet application sharing and file store has existed. The glossy cloud systems that we are faced with in Microsoft’s advertising campaign are the future of the cloud. Applications that everyone can use that are completely internet based is now a reality, have you used Google’s plethora of applications? They free you from the constraints of office bound information and also the single location of data that you have inputted. You can also easily share the data to anyone invited to partake.

It’s true that flexi time and home workers are becoming more common and companies are fracturing their workforces and as long as an internet connection exists then they can Access Company main repositories of data, such as directories full of word, excel documents and also their own email etc.

With innovation comes a problem, to explain this comment let us look at Facebook a global site that has revolutionised the way a lot of people socialise and communicate, there has been a high statistic that without social network awareness companies and organisations can be left inert, as more and more peoples social turn from actual to virtual there is many things we lose as a consequence, social abilities and a lower sense of self esteem and social interaction. This is the cost for digitalising our lives.

Storing your data on global systems can be very safe but there is as always a risk, Google when setting up new servers lost a quantity of user data that still to this day is unrecovered; as always a backup of your data is still a priority rather than a thing we were going to do. Be careful and mindful of the risks of using an Internet only service as if you suffer a total loss of Internet access then productivity is an obvious zero.

The advent of cloud application servers and new innovative tablets and the Internet in your hand concept pushes us deeper and deeper into this online and absorbing system that can leave us more and more confused about where our data is and more disturbingly who is viewing it. Like many systems out of our control reach the simple things seem to be the most important. 

The latest gadgets to march onto the laptop market are the fleet of Chrome OS devices that solely use the Internet for all your data storage and applications; rather a cool concept but in view of the research we have done, we think it might be an innovative toy or a fun secondary device.  Let the hype die down and see the feedback from those who dive in.

You can experience Chrome OS on a virtual machine, simply search Chrome OS vanilla in google, or ask your tech support / Virtual Riders to give you a demo.

Be mindful that the data you store is protected correctly and you read all clauses especially how data is managed and stored. Ask Virtual Riders for more information and resources and also their new systems for storage, restoration and safeguard of data through a cloud service.


To have a look at some fantastic ways of using the latest cloud systems, look into Microsofts Office 365, Dropbox, and also test out an online fun application sumo paint by visiting www.sumopaint.com