Virtual Riders Headder - Briefings

Access webmail

This applies to everyone who is hosted by Virtual Riders or has a cPanel access to their hosting

If you want to read your emails from any internet computer, you can do so using  webmail. However, you must be aware of security issues on the computer you are using (e.g. is it a public computer and have your mail access settings been saved on it).

These instructions apply to websites hosted through VR or which have CPanel as their management interface. Make sure you do not set any “remember my password” boxes.

This is what you do:

Log onto the following web page


webmail 1Type in the details for your FULL Email Address and your password in the respective boxes.

This will bring you to your personal e-mail page (note this can be used to read mail from any internet connection world wide).

webmail 2

“SquirrelMail”  is the simplest and fastest way to send and read e-mails."Horde" has more features.

You can now expand you different emails from the list below.

webmail 3

To open an email click on the relevant blue subject data.

As you can see you have the option to reply, forward etc on top right of the page options (blue on grey).

webmail 4

If you have Outlook set up on a static computer or laptop then you may want to send yourself a copy of anything you send from Webmail so that you have a permanent copy on your main PC.

When you have finished make sure that you sign out, if necessary clear the cache on the browser you are using (for security purposes) and then close all browsers.

For information on how to clear browser caches:http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache